One variation of this theme is the set of images Movement before the city which concerns a person’s movements within his or her urban environment. The bodily movements either correspond with, or contrast with, the fragments of the city. People come to seem more real.

Reinterpreting the approach „pris sur le vife“, Kuwertz does not choose one medium in which to perfect representation of the human body „from life“ but instead experiments – „sur le vif“ – with mixed techniques, ranging from drawing through paintings to montage and across a variety of formats. The resulting figures are surprisingly concrete, even personal. Hints of clothing render the figures in here and now. Uniting Kuwertz‘s lifelong artistic engagement with the bodies and cities, fragments of urban spatial forms overlap with intertwined intimations of human movement. The composition remains transparent. The dance canon of movement meshes with the space, the light, in these works. The comprise a synthesis of sculptural poignancy.