– Sacre du Printemps- Toulouse Opera Ballet

Twenty years after she had first begun to work with dancers on dance, Kuwertz turned again to the human body and created RÉPÉTITION, a new series of paintings. In 2004, after attending rehearsals for the dance pieces „Sacre du printemps“ and „Orma“ at the Ballet de l‘Opéra, Toulouse. In 2006 she used silksceen technique to strike variations on this theme.


In addition, Evelyn Kuwertz is inspired by dancers but her subject is neither dance nor the dancers but the elements of movement. A double movement: the improvisation of the dancers in space and of the pencils and paintbrushes on cardboard, paper and canvas.In the finished works we sometimes see a face, a hand or a curve signifying a bodily curve. But these are not static portraits of posed models at a fixed moment in time. They are images of the constant changes made in order to recreate and liberate their essence. The different phases and traits of movement are recorded by the painter to give the spectator images of movement. The aesthetic attraction is revealed in a concentrated image which is fixed on the canvas in a fugitive and sketched manner. Throught its direct notation on the canvas, the movement becomes a graphic element which remains on the paper like the trace of an interior impulse.

Painter and author Christian Schmidt, Toulouse


I discovered old oak boards in a dilapidated barn. They were boards cut from the trunk, in their growth and shape I saw parallels to the line structures of my earlier drawings: the slow motions. This find inspired me to reconnect with the “pris sur le vif” and transfer it to the woodcut. This technique, which was new to me, was a challenge, because the pressure removal from the long boards was only possible by hand. I experimented with different color combinations on Japanese paper and tracing paper. Because of the uneven surface of the grained wood, the printing inks are absorbed differently. Which also gives the prints a special charm and liveliness. Each print is unique.

Tribute to Pina Bausch