Observation de la nature

Nature Observations

The topic of landscape aroused my interest through the observation of the daily changing light moods in the morning, within hours, I began to capture these moments spontaneously in small oil sketches. This series of images shows the impressive spectacle that goes on in front of the window every morning. The night slowly recedes as the day appears on the horizon and illuminates the Pyrenees mountain range with its light. The light rhythmics the landscape, which takes on contours out of the darkness. A different color composition every day. A series of daily observations, compiled from January 1st to February 9th, 1999 result in the first picture composition.

Meditation Matinale

Depending on the occasion, I continued the theme of, for example in pictures that I realized between the holidays at the turn of the year. In winter 20/21 I paid more attention to these nature observations. This constantly changing sequence of images, which is never the same, neither in the changing nuances of the colors or the contrasts. I wanted to understand from a structural point of view and also to work out different techniques and formats.

23.12.2017 – 02.01.2018

24.12.2018 – 01.01.2019